The Story & Game

Setting: The setting is one night in June 1992.  A group of “alternative” students at a local high school have decided to have their own “alternative” prom to which all of those who feel like outcasts are invited.  There will be 1980s/early 1990s music playing on speakers and music videos playing silently on a variety of TV screens. The music will come from a variety of genres including gothic rock, industrial, punk, post-punk, new wave, hip hop, metal, and glam rock.  

Themes:  Nostalgia, “otherness”, romance, friendships, and saying goodbye.  The game will be happy, sad, and bittersweet. While there is a sense of irony that comes from attending such a larp, we hope that our players will embrace the very real drama of being a young adult in the throes of adolescence and coming to grips with identity and desire.

Gameplay: You will receive a character sheet with a brief background and a plethora of character ties to others.  You will have time to meet and chat with those connections prior to game play. Once the game begins, there will be music, dancing, and drama.  This is not a boffer game, and no weapons, real or fake, will be permitted. Any violence must be stage violence (we will cover this in your workshop), and physical intimacy will be limited and completely consensual.