Come play one of the “uncool” kids who, in June 1992, decide to fight back against the aristocracy of the local high school.  Boycotting prom in favor of an “alternative” gathering, the goths, punks, grunge-kids, nerds, artists, drifters, and metalheads will all meet for one night on a darkened dance floor to enjoy dancing, flirting, and shaking the foundations of their young lives all while DJ Bentham fills the air with the kind of music you won’t find at the regular prom happening across town.  The punch will be spiked, the music will be loud, and the outfits will be totally fresh! And while the music plays, relationships will be built or shattered, friendships will be tested, and dreams will come true or slip away.

“In every generation there are a few souls, call them lucky or cursed, who are simply born not belonging.”

– Salman Rushdie