About Us

Who are We?

Prom Nite 1992 is produced by Peculiar Crossroads Productions, LLC. Peculiar Crossroads is a team of game designers, writers, and storytellers dedicated to creating Live Action Role-Playing experiences with gothic flair.  We have been running larps as a group for over ten years. What started as a few people writing a one-shot event to celebrate a birthday with some friends has become an opportunity to share and create stories with and for a larger audience of gamers, actors, role players, and lovers of gothic themes.  To meet the members of our team, check out the Peculiar Crossroads website!


We appreciate your willingness and desire to work for us, but we have it all in hand!  Our fully paid staff is good to go and is there to make your time at Prom Nite a success.  The only thing we want you to have to worry about is having a good time! If we find ourselves in need of volunteers, however, we will definitely post our needs on our Facebook page!